thank you stecklr for the information ^q^

so, person who sent that ask, i don’t know for what you’re needing to know proper copyright information, but the “doge” photo belongs to Atsuko Sato, so if you’re crediting for something you should credit to her

I need to know for copyright matters, is the Doge meme copyrighted to this blog? If not, to whom (if anyone) is the meme copyrighted to?

man i dont fucking know anymore

yo followers do any of you remember whether this is where that particular shiba image got popular from here first or somewhere else??? and where the original picture of that shiba came from????

I just wanted to let you know that I'm glad you knew it was the year of Luigi.

luigi is love, luigi is life

((i have 8 dollars in dogecoin are you proud of me))

i am extremely disappointed in you i am going to scream


in order to properly pronounce the word “doge”, first you must keep a vibrating dildo up your butt for at least three hours. then you will know.

are you aware that dogecoin is a thing

i’m going to fucking scream